Project Description

How would you get your pet back if she got separated from you?  Sadly, many pets do not get reunited with their owners if they are separated. The chances are even lower for cats. A microchip is an extra safeguard to help your pet gets returned to you if he ever gets lost. Some people say their pet does not need a microchip because she never leaves the yard.  That is great, but envision the following scenarios:

  • You are boarding your pet at a kennel while you are on vacation and you get a phone call from the kennel. They are very sorry to tell you that your pet dug out from under the fence in their play yard and has escaped. They are unable to locate her.
  • You have friends come over.  Your cat normally hides in another room while company is over, but today she is a bit more courageous and darts out the front door when one of your friends is entering your home. Your cat is not wearing a collar.
  • It is the 4th of July. Fireworks are booming everywhere and your dog, who is outside, gets frightened and runs out of your yard.
  • A natural disaster occurs and in the commotion of evacuating, your pet gets separated from you.

How Does a Microchip Work?

A microchip is associated with a specific ID number that is associated with your pet. Once your pet is microchipped, the chip will be registered. The registration process includes providing your name, phone number, address and other important information to the microchip company. If your pet gets away from you and ends up in a shelter or a veterinary clinic, they will scan her with a microchip scanner to locate her microchip and microchip number. Then, whoever scanned your pet will be able to call the manufacturer of the microchip, give the microchip number of your pet, and be able to contact you to tell you your pet has been found!

Is a Microchip Able to Track My Pet’s Location?

No. A microchip is not a GPS tracking device.

How is a Microchip Inserted?

The process is similar to receiving a vaccination. The chip is inserted beneath the skin, usually between the shoulder blades.  The procedure takes only a few seconds.

After the Microchip is Inserted, Are There Any Recurring Fees?

No. The microchips we use at Zutilla Pet Clinic do not have any recurring fees. You just pay one time for the placement of the chip

Ok. I’m Ready to Have my Pet Microchipped. What Do I Need to Do?

Great! Just give us a call or send us a text at 706-671-1900 or schedule an appointment online.