Products I Love – Phycox Soft Chews


If your dog is having trouble getting up after laying down or is resisting going up or down stairs, give Phycox soft chews a try. What is it?: Joint supplement Who is it for?: Dogs with joint issues (arthritis, hip dysplasia). Can also be used as a preventive measure in dogs prone to joint issues,

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How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears


I feel compelled to write this because I often see pets whose ears are dirty. Not necessarily infected but just need a good cleaning. When I ask pet owners how they are cleaning their pet’s ears, the answer is usually that they don’t clean their ears, or they describe a process that is just plain

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Why Does My Dog Need a Heartworm Test if He is on Prevention?


Heartworm tests are recommended on a yearly basis for dogs. They are required in order to refill your heartworm prevention (If you are getting your heartworm prevention from a website that doesn’t require a current heartworm test, find somewhere else to get your medication from. They are likely not a trustworthy source). However, I am

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Why is My Dog Itchy?


“Scratch…Scratch…Scratch…”The sound is so incessant and aggravating. You ask yourself repeatedly why your dog is scratching himself so much. The whimpers and whines that occasionally accompany the itching are heartbreaking. You want your dog to find relief, but you’re not sure how. You washed the bedding and changed him to a grain-free diet, but it

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