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Zutilla Pet Clinic is Dalton’s newest veterinary clinic! Want to know what makes us different?

The mission of Zutilla Pet Clinic is as follows:

  • Provide exceptional outpatient veterinary services for dogs and cats while exceeding client expectations.
  • Promote spay/neuter and preventive care.
  • Make heartworm prevention available to pets in need via the non-profit, “Zutilla has a Heart.”

Outpatient Only Care

We specialize in outpatient treatment of dogs and cats. What is outpatient care? You know, the minor things that while bothersome, are not urgent or life-threatening; such as ear infections, itchy skin, and vaccinations. Click here to see our complete list of services. That means we don’t require specialized facilities or expensive pieces of equipment. Therefore, we are able to provide superior care at great value!

Vaccine Clinics

While Zutilla advocates for every pet to have a complete check-up at least once a year, we also understand that sometimes your pet just needs their vaccines updated without an office exam fee. That is why we provide vaccines on a walk-in basis. No appointment needed! We offer vaccine packages for dogs and cats that include heartworm and flea prevention, as well as just individual vaccines. Click here to learn more.

Free Vaccines For Life

As mentioned above, we firmly advocate that all pets have a check-up every year. In order to encourage pet owners to see the importance of the physical exam, we offer Free Vaccines For Life. This is our program which allows your pet to receive their vaccines for free for their entire life! Click here to learn more.


Zutilla Pet Clinic has set up a non-profit called “Zutilla has a Heart.” A portion of the revenue generated through Zutilla Pet Clinic will go to the non-profit. The non-profit is established to help pets in need get the heartworm prevention that more fortunate pets take for granted. ┬áSo every time your pet comes to Zutilla, it is not just your pet who benefits! Click here to read more.

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